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We are eager to offer the best deals and the most fantastic merchandise to customers worldwide. Whether you’re an occasional athlete or a serious pro, our store brings you the collections, the knowledge, and the passion you need for your next dive in the pool or open water swim. We believe that in the 21st century, shoppers should be able to buy high-quality and affordable goods anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Check out our MEN swimwear online shop and start shopping today! 

Welcome to our Acquawear sport swimwear uk online shop, where you can buy or order high quality chlorine resistant colourful sport swimwear. We now sell sustainable eco-friendly fabrics swimsuits in our Delfina bespoke collection (including club kits for swimming clubs), so check out the many shapes available, including High Leg cut and Brazilian Cut swimwear.

Tie-Dye Diving Shammy

Check out our big range of large and small shammies in lots of colours

German Olympic Diver Jaden Eikermann and Corina at Ulla Klinger Cup

Men Swimwear

Chlorine proof Jammers and Briefs for swimmers and divers

DELFINA PINK BRIEFS diving_edited.jpg

Korean Swimwear Brands

Acquawear sport swimwear UK online shop, specialises in Korean competition swimsuits such as Jkuss, Hoog and TSNine which are platform and springboard divers' favourites swim suits. They are silky, comfortable and long lasting and are so popular amongst platform and springboard divers and synchronised swimmers (artistic swimmers) because of the long lasting vibrant colours and outstanding shapes and prints. 

Competition FINA Approved Skins

FINA approved kneeskin Teflon coating

Kneeskins and FINA jammers skins made out of high performance fabrics and heat glued


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