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Buy Men FINA Approved
Competition / Racing Jammers

The limited-edition sublimated prints of the Delfina 1606H performance jammers makes them a truly unique looking, high-performance racing suit. Quality FINA approved swimwear, racing swimwear made with heat glued seams and high quality Teflon coated fabric provide outstanding stretch, optimal compression, and total freedom of movement. Delfina has a focus on comfort and performance carefully balancing all of this to create a racing suit that is ideal for intermediate & elite level swimmers. With an ergonomic construction for enhanced support, body lift, stability, and comfort, the suit helps swimmers keep the optimum shape in the water. The flatlock seams give the suit it’s “perfect fit” feel and improves hydrodynamics under water. Features:

  • Limited Edition / Fully Customised Prints

  • Flatlock Seams

  • Ergonomic Construction

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